2016 Gold Coast Motor Festival: Raising the bar

Hong Kong may well be one of the most challenging cities when it comes to collecting classic cars.  Lack of local supply, high import tax duties and few marque experts are just some of the reasons why we don’t see many classic cars on the road.  Yet, these challenges didn’t stop a group of dedicated collectors from collecting some of the rarest and finest classics and keeping them in Hong Kong.  And for the very first time, Sino Group organised a 4-day Concours d’Elegance event to let these collectors share their automotive passion with everyone who came to the grounds of Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel.

“My Alfa Romeo is very reliable………until it breaks down!”

– Michael Wan

Unlike Pebble Beach which charges an exorbitant amount for entry, or the Quail which sells tickets on a lottery system, Gold Coast Motor Festival is much more inclusive, making it perfect for family day outing. In addition to the concours, there are bouncy castles, driving simulators, MakerBay Electric Vehicle Lab, Tomica and Kids Art Zone catering to a wide array of visitors.

Gold Coast Motor Festival has certainly raised the bar for Concours d’Elegance in this part of the world and I am already looking forward to next year’s event.